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Rua Jorge Colaço
Lisboa, Lisboa, 1700

351 918 670 063

Fernando Piçarra is a portuguese photographer specialized in portrait, corporate and advertising photography.


Fernando Piçarra (1975, Lisbon)

The passion for photography starts at the age of 15 when Fernando is offered his father's camera, a 35mm Petri. The continuous curiosity for this device awakened his artistic sensitivity and he decided to invest in an Art and Design course on a first approach to the arts sphere. The search for a closer contact with the photography reality takes him to Kodak Laboratories between 1996 and 1998. Afterwards he starts at the prestigious Colorfoto in Lisbon and that allowed him to work with the branch's best professionals. He decides to go further and studies photography at IADE.

Starts collaborating with Edimpresa, Lagonda, Grupo Euronotícias and First Media. His first individual exhibition "Tunísia a Cores"  takes place at Estremoz in 2006 by invitation of the cultural department of the Municipality's council. In 2009 starts working as a freelancer and embraces the Project Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa where
he stayed for 4 years. In 2011 founded Fernando Piçarra Fotografia, and in 2014 established his studio in BASE, a workspace co-founded with videographers, architects and designers.

Has several works published in national and international editions
Público | Expresso | Correio da Manhã | Domingo Magazine (CM) | Revista J (O Jogo) | Exame | Visão | Marketter | Cosmopolitan | OQ | Casa Cláudia | Dia D | Ed | Carteira | Human | Fado | Do it | Prémio | Elite | Certa (Continente) | Traço Contínuo | Ideias e Negócios | Política Moderna | Unibanco | Le Meridien | Sirius | Mística (SLB) | SOS Saúde | iess (Espírito Santo Saúde) | Clássicos e Modernos | Tradição do Futuro (Grupo Mello) | Anuário dos Relógios | Anuário da Noivas | A Caixa em Revista (CGD) | L+Arte | Dardo (Espanha) | DasArtes (Brasil) | Lusitania | Olimpo | Teste Saúde (Deco) | Proteste (Deco)

Other publications
Manuel Caeiro (Portugal) | Bienal Cerveira Catalogue, 2011 | Livro EPUL 40 anos | José Bechara (Brasil) | ARCO Catalogue, 2011 (Spain) | Carpe Diem 5 Years | Tomaz Hipólito, 2015 rebuild_02 | Travessa da Ermida a Sul, 2016 |Teresa Gonçalves Lobo, Para Além de... |